Scalability / Feasibility / Quality / Innovation / Maine-Based

In an effort to invite and include as many applicants as possible GLM uses several methods of identifying potential candidates. The first being an open call on our website and through our social media outlets-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In this phase, applicants are encouraged to create a video presentation to be posted on YouTube with a link to our GLM email account. We stress that it is NOT the quality of the video that should concern you but the quality of your business and pitch presentation.

In addition to this call out, we solicit the suggestions of several entrepreneurial organizations across the state, Top Gun, SCORE, The Big Idea, MTI, and CEI, to name a few.  Once we receive their recommendations we reach out to those companies and encourage them to apply via the same video pitch presentation. These calls to action commence in early February and end in 2nd week of April.

At this point a panel of 5 judges is convened to view all applications and determine which 26 get the “greenlight” to appear in the series. The series is filmed in the second week of July over 7 days at the New England School of Communications(NESCOM) on the Bangor campus of Husson University. Each show features 2 companies pitching one at a time to a panel of three judges. The pitches are confined to 3 minutes with a 2/3 minute Q&A.

At this stage, power point is accepted on a limited basis and physical product and signage is encouraged. We prefer single person pitches, but are willing to accommodate 2 people if necessary. We realize that pitching in this time frame is very challenging, so each presenting company will get a minimum of 5 minutes off-camera after its pitch to answer additional judges questions and expand their presentation, at which time another member of your team will be allowed to help answer questions, if so desired.

From this initial series, 13 finalist will be chosen to compete in an off-line ( i.e., not televised) pitch competition sometime in the fall by three judges, who will score them on a numerical system in 5 categories; Scalability, Feasibility, Overall Quality, Innovation, Ability to Stay in Maine.

From this semi-final round three companies will be chosen to appear in the Grand Finale for the $100,000 cash prize. This Pitch off will be broadcast in either late March or early April. It must be understood that all winners must be able to attend all taping dates as established or forfeit their opportunity to advance.   


Re-Fridge is a college-based company that buys, sells, and stores pre-loved mini-fridges. The company is based in Brunswick and is the brainchild of Mitch Newlin, a Bates College student who envisioned a more environmentally friendly process after seeing the waste generated by the college move-in and move-out process. Customers place orders through the Re-Fridge web app and then get their fridges picked up and delivered, free of charge, right at their dorm or off-campus address. Students can help the environment and get a great dorm room fridge, scheduling deliveries and pick-ups with just a click. Some might say it’s the Uber of mini-fridges!

Tip Whip

Tip Whip is the world’s first ride-sharing mobile app exclusively focused on college student safety. We want every college student to get home safely regardless of how much money they have in their pockets. There are no fees for rides but tips for good service are encouraged.

Eighteen Twenty

Eighteen twenty wines is a company in Portland, Maine that makes wine with Maine-sourced rhubarb. The rhubarb for the varieties of wine is grown by Maine farmers. There is no grape involved in our wine-making process. We celebrate Maine, farmers, and drinking good wine with good people. Cheers!


Bluet is Maine’s first premier sparkling wine made from wild blueberries. Winemaker Michael Terrien and partner Eric Martin make Bluet in Jefferson, Maine, in the Méthode Champenoise tradition, creating a wine that is naturally bubbly, dry, and served as an apéritif or mixed in a cocktail. Since 2014, some 3000 bottles of Bluet has been sold in stores and restaurants across Maine, earning praise from local restaurateurs and national critics.

Amalgam Skis

Amalgam Skis is a small independent ski manufacturer building high-performance skis locally in Freeport, Maine. It is our mission to engineer and manufacture superior products that inspire passionate athletes, while maintaining a stewardship to our environment and community. Amalgam Skis was founded in 2012, by co-owners Philip & Amy Taisey.

McDermott Shapes

McDermott Shapes is a small business, owned and operated by brothers, Andy and Ryan McDermott. Since 2004 they have dedicated themselves to building surfboards and stand up paddle-boards that are durable and custom designed for both riders and the type of waves they surf. Six years ago they opened Blackpoint Surf


Jellux, an advanced marine lighting company, was founded in 2014 by Nick Laude and Zachary Taylor. In Wells, Maine, Jellux produces waterproof, impact resistant LED outdoor lighting systems with a “plug and play” feature for ease of use and installation. Their lighting systems have unlimited applications; vehicles, marinas, docks, patios and restaurants and are found from Maine to Florida. With their flagship product, the LED dock bumper, Jellux is setting out on an endeavor to make your shores safer!

Mobility Technologies

The Afari, the flagship product of Mobility Technologies, is designed to make outdoor walking and running both comfortable and safe. Exercise is a well-known remedy for a number of physical impairments and rehab, even in small doses. Mobility Technologies wants everybody to be able to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, and the Afari is the first in a line of outdoor products, with others currently under development. Ryan, a lifelong entrepreneur and engineer, and CEO of Mobility Technologies, leads a team experienced with product development, marketing, and disabilities studies.


Cornerstone Food Company produces Buko Chips which are available in various, intriguing and robust flavors inspired by spices found in Southeast Asia. Buko Chips was launched early 2016 as a healthy alternative to snacking. The chips are baked organic coconut chips handcrafted in small batches. They are gluten-free, non-gmo, low sodium, and provides a good source of fiber. Buko Chips are made with all-natural-good-for-you ingredients.

Izzy's Cheesecake

In 1985, David Izenstatt began making his incomparable cheesecakes in his own kitchen. He built his business one cheesecake at a time, creating and producing one unrivaled combination after another. Thirty years later, Izzy’s Cheesecake, based in Portland, has become a truly artisanal cheesecake company, with a wide selection of both classic and seasonal flavors, as well as Izzy’s Minis, their mini cheesecakes. In February 2015 Jim Chamoff joined Izzy as a partner and President of the company. Jim brings over thirty years of sales and marketing experience to Izzy’s. Together Jim and Izzy have a vision of taking the company to a new level.

Herbal Revolution Farm & Apothecary

My name is Katheryn Langelier and I’m the owner, formulator and farmer at Herbal Revolution Farm & Apothecary. I have a MOFGA certified organic farm and herbal business located in beautiful mid-coast Maine where I use herbs and vegetables that I grow, wild harvest and locally source to create tea blends, elixir, tonics and shrubs, which is a concentrated drinking vinegar.

In 2010 Herbal Revolution sprouted from 20 years of studying herbal medicine and my passion for sustainable organic farming, food security, environmental education, health and wellness and preventative care. I’ve spent my whole life exploring Maine’s various ecosystems while learning and working with plants that grow throughout the state. Therefore, I take great pride in creating healing products that reflect the incredible bounty of wild edibles and medicinal plants that grow in Maine while highlighting and supporting our small Maine organic farms and the beautiful natural Maine resources.

As an herbalist, formulator and gardener I offer and create products that I see a need for in my community. In our fast paced, high stress world supporting vitality and immune health is essential. Herbal Revolution creates products that support and nourish whole body wellness and vitality using high quality organic ingredients to create delicious products that can be used in our everyday lives.

Rwanda Bean Company LLC

Rwanda Bean Company LLC is a values-driven business founded in 2014 to supply specialty coffee products in the US and abroad. Beginning as an importer of raw coffee, the Company recently began selling its own private-label, roasted coffee products to wholesale and retail customers in Maine. By implementing a scalable and sustainable enterprise model from the farm to consumer, Rwanda Bean aims to build a strong brand identity, expand globally, and maximize returns to both investors and farming partners.

Stache Bomb

Stache Bomb is a men’s grooming company specializing in mustache wax and facial hair products. Stache Bomb was founded in 2012 by Waxmaster Jamin Badger after his local drug store stopped carrying mustache wax. Stache Bomb is a well known brand within the mustache and beard lifestyle and is sold woldwide. Stache Bomb is a long time sponsor of Portland’s own Stache Pag, a facial hair competition held annually.


SwitchDown is a company dedicated to creating smart, easy to use power control products. It was founded by Jon Hanson around patent-pending technology that Jon developed to synchronize three-way switches and is now branching into other switch and power related innovations.


EterNav, short for eternal navigation, brings new technology & support to families faced with the unexpected passing of a loved one, offering more affordable, personalized and convenient bereavement solutions. EterNav brings together all the elements needed to assemble a funeral, with or without a funeral home. Our online, easy-to-use, step by step software lets families honor their loved one with a dignified and respectful funeral that doesn’t break the bank.


foodwise is the mobile app that wants to liberate you from reading food ingredient labels and nutrition facts. Enter whatever foods you’re avoiding, like gluten, added sugar, or artificial additives, scan the barcode of a food, and foodwise will tell you if that food contains anything you’re trying to avoid.

We’re starting with the ability to detect allergens and additives you want to avoid, but our mission is to bring whatever you need to know about your food right to your smart phone. Our mission is to empower you to eat wisely.

Cobbler Technologies

Cobbler Technologies (launched as L&K Manufacturing, Inc.) is an early-stage hardware technology company commercializing their disruptive 3DAPD™ 3D-printing technology. Cobbler’s goal is to catalyze scaled 3D-printed production of footwear by bringing to market a new technology that can compete with the cost and efficiencies of traditional footwear molding equipment.

With the support of government grant organizations like MTI and private equity markets, Cobbler has proven an ability to integrate mass-produced materials into their system and is on track to complete beta development of their advanced 3D-printing technology in early 2017.

Surge Hydro

There are over 82,000 dams in the United States; only 2,000 of those dams currently generate electricity. Surge Hydro is an innovative technology company on a mission to electrify these dams, providing clean, renewable, and sustainable power to the communities we serve. Surge Hydro’s founders are the owners and operators of five hydroelectric dams in Belfast, ME. Through rehabilitating these facilities, Surge Hydro has created cost effective, environmentally friendly and scalable solutions to economically turn the 80,000 idle dams into working assets. Surge Hydro surveys the site, installs the technology, negotiates power purchase agreements, and provides federal licensing services. Collectively Surge Hydro offers ‘Energy-as-a-Service’ for an evolving world.

Vigilance Software

Vigilance Software is a software development company specializing in Emergency Notification Systems and Software. Our mission is to provide an individual with a means of reporting potential threats to neighboring parties and first responders. To leverage and control existing security, life safety, and communication systems to reduce the impact of such a threat through systems integration. Vigilance Software exist to automate your emergency procedures at the simple click, or press of a button.

Spring Point

Spring Point provides industrial process software solutions making customers across the US and Canada more efficient, productive, and profitable. Founded in 1999 by Troy Locke and Jamie Stultz, the Portland company has grown in size, expanded in product offerings, and created a recurring revenue stream and a loyal customer base.

Dog Not Gone

Founded in 2005, Dog Not Gone is a market leader in mosquito and tick protective products for dogs, horses and their human companions. With designs created by outdoors-people and a commitment to American craftsmanship, the company’s products have been embraced by pet owners, hikers, gardeners, and anyone with a penchant for the great outdoors.

The company’s signature permethrin treated outerwear items for humans, dogs, and horses repel mosquitos, ticks and other insects with No Fly Zone technology to offer safe and effective protection against biting insects in a way that is comfortable, convenient and stylish.

Dog Not Gone products are hand-crafted at the company’s Skowhegan manufacturing facility from American made components.


Wag-Rags are eco-friendly dog toys that are hand-made using recycled t-shirts. All of our toys are knotted by hand to ensure extra strength and durability.

Our company was founded by then college student, Chris Voynik. After some trial and error and a little help from his two Golden Retrievers, the Wag Rag was created. Spending summer weekends traveling the state to craft shows, Wag Rags quickly took off. Today, Wag Rags are proudly still made by hand in Maine and are located in stores across New England.

Sidewalk Buttler

UrbanCare is a startup located in Portland, Maine, focused on creating products that help urban planners to cultivate a healthy and environmentally sustainable community. Founded in 2012 by local resident Michael Roylos, the company has first focused on tackling the problem of cigarette waste with their Sidewalk Buttler product line, billed as the world’s first “smart cigarette receptacle”. All collected cigarette butts are 100% recycled and the ability to collect disposal statistics exists, which helps urban planners and businesses alike to see the impact of their investments/initiatives. The company is quickly expanding to collecting sensitive air pollution data with their Brilliant Buttler product in the coming months. Since January 2016, UrbanCare has quickly moved into 7 US states and 2 countries and with many more installations on the way.

Lobster Unlimited

Lobster Unlimited, LLC finds innovative uses for lobster components currently discarded as waste at lobster processing plants. The company is tapping into the lobsters’ unique biological properties to develop products that will add value to an already successful and sustainable lobster catch. It has two brands: LobsterRx which focuses on cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications; and LobsteR which develops products from its specially processed lobster shell. The company holds a patent on its LobsteRx healing cream, and has several patents pending. It was founded in 2012 and is based in Orono, Maine

Lobster Unlimited, LLC finds innovative uses for lobster components currently discarded as waste at lobster processing plants. The company is tapping into the lobsters’ unique biological properties to develop products that will add value to an already successful and sustainable lobster catch. It has two brands: LobsteRx, which focuses on cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications; and Lobster Recycled, which develops products from custom processed lobster shell. The company holds a patent on its LobsteRx healing cream, and has several patents pending. It was founded in 2012 and is based in Orono, Maine.


TruckTask is a privately owned and patented invention. It began when inventor David Grant of Brewer wanted to improve the function of the snow plow. TruckTask is the interface between a pickup truck and any tool such as a forklift or a power broom. It makes heavy machinery affordable for a broad range of end users, including contractors and farmers. TruckTask will spawn an entire Maine-based industry. We have an agreement with a local manufacturer for the primary unit, and are currently in negotiations with other tool fabricators. We are prepared to begin manufacturing at once.

American Unagi

American Unagi is an aquaculture company focused on raising Maine harvested glass eels to market size for sale in US markets.