Growing Maine...One Dream At A Time

Greenlight Maine is a statewide collaboration of entrepreneurial catalysts and corporate leaders, designed to promote and mentor the development and growth of business in our great state.

Via all forms of media and LIVE events, Greenlight Maine will highlight the unique, creative, and inspirational activity that is being generated by small businesses as well as encourage investments for – “Growing Maine…One Dream At A Time”.

We are pleased to announce that season two’s prize purse will be at least $100,000 and that this year’s prize money will come in a very special box, designed and created by world famous maker of handmade furniture, Thomas Moser.

Season one of Greenlight Maine was a great success! Not only did Garbage to Garden, the season’s winner, receive $100,000 in cash but $1,250,000 in additional funds were received by other presenters in the series, who were discovered by angel investors watching the show. Each and every presenter walked away with invaluable information, contacts, and advice that proved helpful in furthering their companies. We hope for this and more in season two of Greenlight Maine! Stay tuned!


Episode One

Tip Wip and


Episode Two

Bluet and

Eighteen Twenty

Episode Three

Amalgam Skis and
Mcdermott shapes

Episode Four

Jellux and Mobility Technologies

Episode Five

Izzy’s Cheesecakes Buko Chips

Episode Six

Rwanda Bean and
Herbal Revolution

Episode Seven

Stache Bomb vs.
Switch down

Episode Eight

EterNav vs.

Episode Nine

Cobbler Technologies and
Surge Hydro

Episode Ten

Vigilance Software vs.
Spring Point Solutions

Episode Eleven

Dog Not Gone vs.
Wag Rags

Episode Twelve

Sidewalk Buttler and

Episode Thirteen

American Unagi vs.
Lobster Unlimited

Season Finale

Surge Hydro vs.
Bluet vs.
Herbal Revolution