Growing Maine...One Dream At A Time

Greenlight Maine is a statewide collaboration of entrepreneurial catalysts and corporate leaders, designed to promote and mentor the development and growth of business in our great state.

Via all forms of media and LIVE events, Greenlight Maine continues to highlight the unique, creative, and inspirational activity that is being generated by small businesses as well as encourage investments for – “Growing Maine…One Dream At A Time”.

Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Greenlight Maine were a great success! Not only did our winners receive $100,000 in cash but $1,250,000 in additional funds were received by other presenters in the series, who were discovered by angel investors watching the show. Each and every presenter walked away with invaluable information, contacts, and advice that proved helpful in furthering their companies. We hope for this and more in Season Three of Greenlight Maine! Stay tuned!


Episode One

Pyxie, LLC vs.

Episode Two

Flofold vs.

Episode Three

Health 2 Humanity vs.
Sidewalk Buttler

Episode Four

iquarium vs.

Episode Five

Forager vs. Maine
Harvest Credit Project

Episode Six

Jellux vs.

Episode Seven

CourseStorm vs.
College Helpers

Episode Eight

(Re)Produce vs.
Tourmaline Spring

Episode Nine

NibMor vs.
Tempest in a Teapot

Episode Ten

DAVO Technologies
vs. ikno

Episode Eleven

GO Lab vs.
Maine Dye & Textiles

Episode Twelve

North Spore vs.

Episode Thirteen

Indigo Diagnostic Imaging vs.
Advanced Concepts

Season Finale

North Spore vs.
Forager vs.