Meet the Greenlight Maine Finalists

Regular Season

Collegiate Challenge

Erin Flett Home

Erin Flett


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Humphrey’s BBQ

Chad Humphrey


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Heather Desjardins

President & CEO

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Easy Eats

Katharine Dougherty/Christian Krohg


Colby College

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Ferda Farms

Max Burtis (Founder/CEO)

Sam Dorval (Co-Owner/CMO)

University of Maine

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 Green Bait

Jillian Robillard


University of New England

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Growing Maine...One Dream At A Time

Greenlight Maine is a statewide collaboration of entrepreneurial catalysts and corporate leaders, designed to promote and mentor the development and growth of business in our great state.

Via all forms of media and LIVE events, Greenlight Maine continues to highlight the unique, creative, and inspirational activity that is being generated by small businesses as well as encourage investments for – “Growing Maine…One Dream At A Time”.

The past seasons of Greenlight Maine were a great success! Not only did did each season’s winner receive a cash prize but $20 million in additional funds were received by other presenters in the series, who were discovered by angel investors watching the show. Each and every presenter walked away with invaluable information, contacts, and advice that proved helpful in furthering their companies. We hope for this and more in the next season of Greenlight Maine! Stay tuned!

Airing on Newscenter Maine, Sundays at 10 am

Episode 1 – Aired September 22 vs. NavigatER

Episode 2 – Aired September 29
Fyood Kitchen vs. GTFO Escape Room
Winner: Fyood Kitchen

Episode 3 – Aired October 6
Erin Flett vs. Lana Plantae
Winner: Erin Flett

Episode 4 – Aired October 13
Box of Maine vs. Maine Pie Co.
Winner: Box of Maine

Episode 5 -Aired October 20
Wreaths for Hope vs Stars and Stripes
Winner: Wreaths for Hope

Episode 6 – Aired October 27
Spandits! vs. Kerfluffle
Winner: Spandits!

Episode 7 – Aired November 3
Boot2Roots vs. MaineWorks
Winner: MaineWorks

Episode 8 – Aired November 10
Back40 and EZ Campin’
Winner: Back40

Episode 9 – Aired November 17
Fire and Co. vs. Humphrey’s BBQ
Winner: Humphrey’s BBQ

Episode 10 – November 24
dooloop vs. Lockout Labs
Winner: LockoutLabs

Episode 11 – December 1
Zen Bear Honey Tea vs. Maine Magic Mud
Winner: Zen Bear Honey Tea

Episode 12 – December 8
Warriors Honor vs. Rapid Assault Tools
Winner: Rapid Assault Tools

Episode 13 – December 15
iTell Alert vs. UpBed
Winner: i-Tell Alert


Episode One vs.

Episode Two

Fyood Kitchen vs.
GTFO Escape Room

Episode Three

Erin Flett vs.
Lana Plantae

Episode Four

Box of Maine vs.
Maine Pie Co.

Episode Five

Wreaths for Hope vs.
Stars and Stripes

Episode Six

Spandits vs.

Episode Seven

Boots2Roots vs.

Episode Eight

Back40 vs.
EZ Campin’

Episode Nine

Fire and Co. vs.
Humphrey’s BBQ

Episode Ten

Dooloop vs.
Lockout Labs

Episode Eleven

Zen Bear Honey Tea vs.
Maine Magic Mud

Episode Twelve

Warriors Honor vs.
Rapid Assault Tools

Episode Thirteen

iTell Alert vs.


Bangor Savings Bank