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Applications are due November 1 at 4 pm.

Greenlight Maine will produce 13 television shows in Season 5 highlighting the best full or part-time college students, who have a business idea in any stage of development; from a simple idea to a well-constructed business plan. Those 13 shows, each pitting 2 college business ideas against one another, will be videotaped around the second week of January 2020 at NESCOM on the Husson University campus. The 13 semi-finalists established from that round will then square off in a non-televised pitch-off to determine the 3 best collegiate entrepreneurs. Those 3 finalists will then pitch off against one another in the Greenlight Maine Collegiate Finale to compete for the grand prize of $25,000 in cash.

List of Maine Colleges Invited to Participate




College of the Atlantic

Husson Univ.

Maine College of Art

Maine Maritime

St. Joseph’s College

Maine Community Colleges

Thomas College


University of Maine

University of New England

University of Southern Maine

Establishing the 26 entrepreneurs who will pitch on the 13 shows

Each school will identify the best student submissions based on the criteria proposed below. Those 30 or more entrepreneurs will then need to be available to pitch off against a panel of independent judges on Saturday, November 16 on the Thomas College campus on the last day of the ‘Converge and Create Weekend’ that is hosted on campus by the Harold Alfond Institute for Business Innovation. The student pitches will go from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and for this year, they will be open to the public! TThe judges  for this competition will have no affiliation with any Maine college, neither alum nor employment. For this round, each student will only be identified by a number (no names-no college affiliations). Each presenter will make a 3-minute pitch followed by 10 minutes of Q & A from the panel of judges. Contestants must be enrolled in a Maine college for some part of the 2019/20 calendar year. Props and powerpoint will be allowed in this round. The judges will be using the following criteria on which to determine the 26 final contestants for Season 5’s Collegiate Challenge.

Scalability – 20%

Feasibility – 20%

Overall Quality of Business Idea – 20%

Innovation – 20%

Ability to keep Business in Maine – 20%

Coming soon, Season 5! Take a look at Season 4.

Collegiate Challenge

Season 4

Season 4 Judges

Skip Bates

Senior Vice President and Director of Main Street Banking
Bangor Savings Bank

Torey Penrod-Cambra

Penrod Marketing

William Sullivan

XR Product Evangelist
Happy Giant

Episode One

KinoTek vs. Zephyrus


Company: KinoTek
Contestants: Justin Hafner (CEO & Co-Founder)
School: UMaine
Sponsor: Maine & Co

Company: Zephyrus
Contestants: Patrick Breeding(CEO & Co-Founder) / David Holomakoff (COO)
School: UMaine
Sponsor: Maine & Co


Episode Two

Ruggette vs. Outdoorly

Company: Ruggette
Contestants: Isabel Adler/Lily Hogan (Co-Founders)
School: Colby
Sponsor: W.S. Emerson

Company: Outdoorly
Contestants: Walker Griggs/Theo Satloff(Co-Founder)
School: Colby


Episode Three

Rost vs. Floor

Sam Pratico, Founder of Rost

Company: Rost
Contestants: Samuel Pratico (Founder)
School: Colby
Sponsor: FAME

Company: Floor
Contestants: Benjamin Nussbaum(Founder)
School: Bates
Sponsor: FAME


Episode Four

Ferda Farms vs. Martin Stream

Company: Ferda Farms
Contestants: Max Burtis
School: UMaine
Sponsor: Vacationland Inn, Leanne Hewey, Managing Partner

Company: Martin Stream Campground
Contestants: Zachary Vanier(Founder/CEO) / Kathleen Edwards (Filling in)
School: CMCC

Episode Five

RentScore vs. Unforseen Globe-Trotting

Company: RentScore
Contestants: Steve Doman & John Peters(Co-Founders)
School: UMaine
Sponsor: Bangor Savings Bank

Company:  Unforseen Globetrotting
Contestants: Brianna Keliehor(Founder)
School: SMCC

Season 4 Collegiate Challenge Finale

Ferda Farms vs. KinoTek vs. RentScore

In the inuagural Greenlight Maine Collegiate Challenge finale, three Maine companies created by University of Maine college students, Ferda Farms, KinoTek, and Rentscore, go head to head to win the grand prize package worth $60,000 in front of a panel of judges.

The Presenters

Ferda Farms

Max Burtis & Sam Dorval

Ferda Farms

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Justin Hafner

CEO/ Co-Founder

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Steve Doman & John Peters


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All three collegiate finalists represented the University of Maine.

The Panel

Carolyn Brodsky

Sterling Rope Co., Inc.

John Sterling

Systems Engineering

Kate Rush

Director of Community Relations
Bangor Savings Bank

Season 4 Winner

Congratulations KinoTek!

Pictured from left to right are Greenlight Maine Host Julene Gervais, KinoTek CEO and Co-Founder Justin Hafner, and Maine Technology Initiative President Brian Whitney.

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