Our core program, Greenlight Maine, is a competitive reality television show that consists of 13 episodes featuring 26 contestants. Ranging from entrepreneurs to established businesses, contestants vie for cash prizes to take their products and services to the next level. Each episode features two companies who pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges, who then evaluate and ask questions about each contestant’s background and growth plans. The panelists share supportive feedback with the contestants before casting their vote with host Julene Gervais.

Meet a Few of Our Past Contestants →

Gabriella Melchionda

Mad Gab’s Body Care | Yarmouth, ME

Gabriella grew up in Amerst, MA, and now lives in Yarmouth, where she runs her natural body products business. She says, “Greenlight Maine has been an amazing experience (both times!)—it has helped me with my pitching skills, business planning and connecting with the phenomenal community of Maine people and businesses. I have operated Mad Gab’s in three states (Massachusetts, California, and Maine) and Maine is hands-down the most business-friendly. Regardless of the stage of my company, Maine has always had the resources, support, and people to help me grow.”

Cathy Billings

Lobster Unlimited | Orono, ME

Cathy is both a Founding Member of Lobster Unlimited, and the Associate Director for Communications and Development for the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute. She grew up in South Berwick, Maine and currently live in Dedham. She says, “We appreciate Greenlight Maine giving Lobster Unlimited exposure for its unique products made from the waste from Maine’s lobster processing industry. As a Mainer, I appreciate the opportunity to work with our iconic lobster industry and enhance the value of not only our company but the lobster fishery as well.  You can’t get more Maine then lobster!”


Joel Alex

Blue Ox Malthouse| Lisbon Falls, ME

Blue Ox Founder and “Maltster” Joel Alex grew up in Old Town, Maine, and currently lives in Portland. He says, “Having the fortune to travel and study outside of Maine when I was young, I understood early that Maine is a special place and really fell in love with our cultural heritage and natural resources. I knew that I wanted to make a career of growing and improving my home state. I think Greenlight Maine is an excellent way to highlight the diversity of ideas and richness of opportunity in our state.”





Season 6 | Episode 1

Premiered Nov. 19, 2020

Mad Gabs vs. Zootility

Season 6 | Episode 2

Premiered Dec. 3, 2020

Blue Ox Malt vs. Eighteen Twenty Wines

Season 6 | Episode 3

Premiered Dec. 10, 2020

Herbal Revolution vs. True North Beauty

Season 6 | Episode 4

Premiered Dec. 17, 2020

Zen Bear Honey Tea vs. Box of Maine

Season 6 | Episode 5

Premiered Jan. 7, 2021

MugBuddy Cookies vs. Bixby and Co.

Season 6 | Episode 6

Premiered Jan. 14, 2021

American Unagi vs. Green Bait

Season 6 | Episode 7

Premiered Jan. 21, 2021
Planet Botanicals vs. Lobster Unlimited

Season 6 | Episode 8

Premiered Jan. 28, 2021
Maine Works vs. Transcapsule

Season 6 | Episode 9

Premiered Feb. 4, 2021
Wreaths for Hope vs. Boots2Roots

Season 6 | Episode 10

Premiered Feb. 11, 2021
Navigate ER vx. DavoTechd

Season 6 | Episode 11

Premiered Feb. 18, 2021
Tip Whip vs. Chimani

Season 6 | Episode 12

Premiered Feb. 25, 2021
Shelter 7 vs. STARC Systems

Season 6 | Episode 13

Premiered March 4, 2021
Eagre Games vs. blueShift Aerospace



Season 5 | Episode 1

Premiered Sept. 22, 2019 vs. NavigatER

Season 5 | Episode 2

Premiered Sept. 29, 2019

Fyood Kitchen vs. GTFO Escape Room
Winner: Fyood Kitchen

Season 5 | Episode 3

Premiered Oct. 6, 2019

Erin Flett vs. Lana Plantae
Winner: Erin Flett

Season 5 | Episode 4

Premiered Oct. 13, 2019

Box of Maine vs. Maine Pie Co.
Winner: Box of Maine

Season 5 | Episode 5

Premiered Oct. 20, 2019

Wreaths for Hope vs. Stars and Stripes
Winner: Wreaths for Hope

Season 5 | Episode 6

Premiered Oct. 27, 2019

Spandits! vs. Kerfluffle
Winner: Spandits!

Season 5 | Episode 7

Premiered Nov. 3, 2019
Boot2Roots vs. MaineWorks
Winner: MaineWorks

Season 5 | Episode 8

Premiered Nov. 10, 2019
Back40 and EZ Campin’
Winner: Back40

Season 5 | Episode 9

Premiered Nov. 17, 2019
Fire and Co. vs. Humphrey’s BBQ
Winner: Humphrey’s BBQ

Season 5 | Episode 10

Premiered Nov. 24, 2019
dooloop vs. Lockout Labs
Winner: LockoutLabs

Season 5 | Episode 11

Premiered Dec. 1, 2019
Zen Bear Honey Tea vs. Maine Magic Mud
Winner: Zen Bear Honey Tea

Season 5 | Episode 12

Premiered Dec. 8, 2019
Warriors Honor vs. Rapid Assault Tools
Winner: Rapid Assault Tools

Season 5 | Episode 13

Premiered Dec. 15, 2019
iTell Alert vs. UpBed
Winner: i-Tell Alert


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