Our Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of great reasons for entrepreneurs to appear on Greenlight Maine! Entrepreneurs compete as contestants on our show for the exposure and promotion on television. They compete to increase their customer base and to find other funding sources. Investors, venture capitalists, and outside financial institutions follow Greenlight Maine and use this program as a tool to identify opportunities. We know that cumulatively more than $25M has been invested in former contestants’ companies since they appeared on Greenlight Maine. The connections and experience entrepreneurs gain in pitching their companies strengthens their opportunity for growth.  Of course, the thousands of dollars in cash prizes awarded to the top three finalists on Greenlight Maine and Greenlight Maine College Edition help, too.

Meet a Few of Our Past Contestants →

Ben Waxman and Whitney Reynolds

American Roots is a 100% American-made, union made, customized apparel company, using only USA-sourced raw materials. The company’s mission is to create good jobs and deliver a quality product while having a commitment to its community, workers, and country. Co-Owners Ben Waxman and Whitney Reynolds competed in Greenlight Maine Season 4. Click here to watch their episode.

Tobey Tozier


The first all-in-one transgender transition tracking app, Transcapsule offers an easy and secure way for transgender people to document their transitions and track the effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) over time. Tobey pitched in Season 4 Episode 12, head-to-head with Maine entrepreneur Nibble (Truc Huynh), to judges Margo Walsh, MaineWorks; Peter Bass, Random Orbit Inc; and Cintia Miranda, Pulse Marketing Agency. Click here to watch the episode.

Joshua Henry

GO Lab (now TimberHP) 

Joshua Henry is the president and founder of GO Lab, Inc., a privately held Maine-based building products company developing innovative commercial products aimed at the high performance design and construction market. The company’s focus is a waterproof, wood fiber based exterior insulation board that is performance- and cost-competitive with foam. Prior to founding GO Lab, Joshua was a faculty member in the chemistry departments of Bates College, in Lewiston, Maine, and the University of Maine, in Orono, Maine. Joshua earned his BA in chemistry from Carleton College in 2000 and his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Cornell University in 2005. He competed on Greenlight Maine Season 3. Click here to watch the episode.

Lisa Scali

Ocean’s Balance

Ocean’s Balance makes innovative, edible products from sustainably grown and harvested Maine seaweed. Their seaweed-based products include organic kombu flakes, kelp purees, flavored seaweed sprinkles, and wakame products. In Season 4 Episode 4 of Greenlight Maine, Director of Sales & Marketing Lisa Scali pitched the company, and after a series of three televised rounds of pitches, Ocean’s Balance prevailed over 60 other startups to take home the Season 4 grand prize of $100,000! Click here to watch the exciting finale.

David Joseph


DAVO Technologies has solved a painful friction point for many small and medium sized businesses, sales tax compliance. The patented DAVO SALES TAX app automatically sets a merchants sales tax aside daily and files and pays it when it is due. Once a merchant downloads DAVO they forget about sales tax forever. DAVO is partnered with First Data/Clover, Square, Revel, Poynt & Intuit/Quickbooks Online and currently manages sales tax for over 1500 merchants in all 46 states that have sales tax. Co-founder David Joseph has appeared on two seasons of Greenlight Maine. Click here to watch the full episode.





Beltane Solar, Steve Musica
Bixby & Co, Kate McAleer
Blue Ox Malthouse, Joel Alex
Casco Bay Butter, Alicia Menard and Jennell Carter
Cerahelix, Susan MacKay
Chimani, Kerry Gallivan
Composimold, Stan Farrell
Course Storm, Matt James
Double Blue Sports Analytics, Dan Kerluke
Eagre Games, Chuck Carter
Finest Kind Mixers and Modifiers, Jay Lombard
Flowfold, Charley Friedman
Garbage to Garden, Kendall Hinkley and Tyler Frank
Gimme Shelter, Rosie Curtis
Good – to – GO, Jennifer Scism
Hot Tubes, Bill Zelman
Mad Gabs, Gabrielle Melchionda
MedRhythms, Owen McCarthy
Mingle Analytics, Daniel Mingle
Northern Maine Distilling, Scott Galbiati
Rapport IO, John Rooks
Revolution Research, Alexander Chasse
Rockstep Solutions, Chuck Donnelly
STARC Systems, Chris MacKenzie
Team AR, Chuck Benton
Odigo, Emma Wilson



Amalgam Skis, Amy and Phillip Taisey
American Unagi, Sara Rademaker
Bluet Maine, Michael Terrien and Eric Martin
Buko Chips, Lorraine Fagela
Cobbler Technologies, Andrew Katon
Dog Not Gone, Bill and Julie Swain
eFoodGuru, Leland Stillman
Eighteen Twenty, Amanda O’Brien and Pete Dubuc
Eternav, Kasey Smith
Herbal Revolution Farm, Langelier
Izzy’s Cheesecake, Jim Chamoff, David Izenstatt
Jellux, Nick Laude and Zach Taylor
Lobster Unlimited, Cathy Billings
McDermott Shapes, Ryan and Andy McDermott
Mobility Technologies, Ryan Beaumont
Re-Fridge, Max Mogensen
Rwanda Bean, Mike Mwenedata
Sidewalk Buttler, Jared Bowns, Mike Roylos
Spring Point Solutions, Troy Locke
Stache Bomb, Jamin Badger
Surge Hydro, David Markley, Nicholas A. Cabral
Switchdown, Jon Hanson
Tip Whip, Spencer Wood
Truck Task, David Grant
Vigilance Software, Jason Roberts
Wag Rags, Chris Voynik



Indigo Diagnostic Imaging, Tamara Thomas
Tourmaline Spring “Sacred Living Water” of Maine, Seth L. Pruzansky
GO Lab, Joshua Henry
NibMor Inc., Ralph Chauvin
[Re]Produce, Grace Burchard
College Helpers, Fred Grant
Ikno, Mark Girr & Becky McKinnell
Maine Harvest Credit Project, Scott Budde
The Sidewalk Buttler, Michael Roylos & Jared Bowens
Flowfold, James Morin
Pyxie LLC, Cathy Streifel
Tempest in a Teapot                                            
Advanced Concepts & Engineering LLC, Shelley Clapp, Michael Doyon, Joel F. Costonis
Amp Fins, Randall Lord, John Birmingham
Forager1 LLC, Tom Torre
Maine Textiles International LLC, Claudia D. Raessler
VANGO, Faith Meads
North Spore, Matt McInnis
Jellux, Zach Taylor
Grojo, Jared Pinkham & Aaron Hastings
Zootility, Nate Barr
DavoTech, David Joseph
Health2Humanity, John Cefalu
Course Storm, Matt James



PodZook, Judy Bernier
Shelter+7, Tom Fairpoint  
True North Beauty, Heather Lux
Seaweed Skincare by Planet Botanicals, Michele Gilfoil
SwimLids, Karen Gellis
FlowFold, James Morin
Ocean’s Balance, Lisa Scali
Bangs Island Mussels, Matthew Moretti
Dental Lace, Jodi Breau
MouseStopper, Dennis Theriault
Sofia Fima, Dianna Pozdniakov
Pyxie, Cathy Streifel
Maine-Tex LLC, Stephany Lee
Crooked Face Creamery, Amy Rowbottom
MugBuddy Cookies, Märgen Soliman
Intoxicles, Max Mogensen & Meg McCormick
Ripso, Joe Powers
American Roots, Whitney Reynolds & Ben Waxman
Kids Unplugged, Lee Parent & Brittany Tarbox
Incomer Magazine, Layla Kargar
Gneiss Spice, Beth Weisberger
The Rope Co., Logan Rackliff
Nibble – A Platform For Giving, Truc Huynh
Transcapsule, Tobey Tozier
7 Umbrellas, Michael Brooks
bluShift Aerospace, Sascha Deri


SEASON 4 College Edition

KinoTek, Justin Hafner, CEO & Co-Founder (UMaine)
Zephyrus, Patrick Breeding, CEO & Co-Founder (UMaine
Ruggette, Isabel Adler/Lily Hogan, Co-Founders (Colby)
Outdoorly, Walker Griggs/Theo Satloff, Co-Founder (Colby
Rost, Samuel Pratico, Founder (Colby)
Floor, Benjamin Nussbaum, Founder (Bates)
Ferda Farms, Max Burtis (UMaine)
Martin Stream Campground, Zachary Vanier, Founder/CEO (CMCC)
RentScore, Steve Doman & John Peters, Co-Founders (UMaine)
Unforseen Globetrotting, Brianna Keliehor, Founder (SMCC)



Spandits, Sarah Doscinski & Kelley Cullenberg
Kerfluffle Fiber Farms, Mandy McDonald
Lockout Labs, Brendan Paradis & Zach Atherton
i-Tell Alert, Heather Desjardins
upBed, Aron Semle
NavigatER, Dr. Samir Haydar
Fire & Company, Ryan Carey
Humphrey’s BBQ Inc., Chad Humphrey
Fyood Kitchen, Maddie Purcell
GTFO Escape Room, Richard Reynolds
Maine Works, Margo Walsh
Erin Flett, Erin Flett
Lana Plantae Farmed Yarns, Marcia MacDonald
Lockout Labs, Brendan Paradis & Zach Atherton
Rapid Assault Tools, Gordon Steltzer
Zen Bear Honey Tea, Frank Ferrel
Maine Magic Mud, Will Drury
Spandits, Sarah Doscinski & Kelley Cullenberg
Stars and Stripes Brewery, Brad & Nancy Nadeau
Warrior’s Honor, Tim Chesley
Wreaths For Hope, Artie Mingo


SEASON 5 College Edition

Trusted Rentr, Steve Dorman & John Peters, Co-Founders (UMaine)
Nook Storage, George DeLana & Rachael Rosow, Co-Founders (Bates)
Green Bait, Jillian Robillard, Owner/Operator (UNE)
Tree Free Heat, Dylan Veilleux, Founder (Thomas)
Ferda Farms, Max Burtis, Founder/CEO (UMaine)
Grow Your Own Way, Sam Dorval, Co-Owner/CMO (UMaine)
GEIONS Retail, Derek Foy, President (Husson)
Sklaza, LLC, Joshua Kim, Founder/CEO (Colby)
Bridal Vision, Hannah Marr, Founder (Husson)
Weart, LLC, Torsten Brinkema, Owner (Colby)
Gait Project X (GPX), Keith Reilly, Product Manager & Raja Muthyam, Co-Product Owner  (UNE)
Family Time Memory Software, Xander Karris, CEO/Co-Founder and Willem Hilliard, CTO/Co-Founder (UMaine)
Easy Eats, Katharine Dougherty & Christian Krohg, Co-Founders (Colby)
Find My College Roommate, Evan Horenstein, Founder (UMaine)
Easy Unlocker, Steven Ferrarese, CEO (UMaine)
LetsGoBagz, Suzie Milkowich, CEO (UMaine)



STARC Systems, Chris MacKenzie
Eighteen Twenty, Amanda O’Brien, Alex Denniston
DavoTech, David Joseph
American Unagi, Sara Rademaker
Zootility, Nate Barr
Bixby & Co, Kate McAleer
bluShift Aerospace, Sascha Deri
Tip Whip, Spencer Wood
Blue Ox Malthouse, Joel Alex
Zen Bear Honey Tea, Frank Ferrel
Herbal Revolution Farm, Kathi Langelier
Eagre Games, Chuck Carter
Chimani, Kerry Gallivan
True North Beauty, Heather Lux
MugBuddy Cookies, Märgen Soliman
Box of Maine, Daniel Finnemore
Boots2Roots, Bill Benson
Maine Works, Margo Walsh
Planet Botanicals, Michele Gilfoil
Wreaths for Hope, Artie Mingo
Transcapsule, Tobey Tozier
GreenBait, Jillian Robillard
Mad Gabs, Gabrielle Melchionda
Lobster Unlimited, Cathy Billings
Shelter +7, Thom Labrie
NavigatER, Dr. Samir Haydar


SEASON 6 College Edition

Algee, Max Siegman (Colby)
Bridge Networking LLC, Michael Gecawicz, Isaac Javed (UMaine)
Clique In Style, Hannah Marr (Husson)
The Co-Parent Co-Op, Emma Richardson (UMaine)
The Cubby, Josh Kim (Colby)
GEIONIS Retail, Derek Foy (Husson)
Grill Guys LLC, Brooks Gammill (Colby)
Momentum, Nick Peterson (Colby)
Move Free, Patrick Caron (College of the Atlantic)
Ready Set Returns, Pablo De La Guardia Criado (UNE)
SledTRX, Jake Warn (Thomas)
Tree Free Heat, Dylan Veilleux (Thomas)


SEASON 1 Elevating Voices

Decontie & Brown, Jason K. Brown & Donna Dacontie-Brown, Bangor      
Antoine’s Tailor Shop & Formal Wear, Adele Masengo Ngoy, Portland
C. Love Cookie Project, Katherine Slevin, Iman Enan, Ange Bonheur, Portland
Mumbai to Maine, Cherie Scott, Boothbay
Little Jubba, Muhidin Libah, Wales
Akakpo, Ebenezer Akakpo, Portland
Cross Cultural Community Services, Abeir Ibrabim, Deqa Dhalac, Regina Phillips, Portland
Marin Skin Care, Patrick Breeding, Amber Boutiette, Portland
Deko’s Kutz Barbershop, Orland/Bucksport
Empanada Club, Adrian Espanosa, Portland
Thomas Douglas, Westbrook
Indigo Arts Alliance, Marcia Minter, Daniel Minter, Portland



NaviTour, Shay Bellas
NKENNE, Michael Odokara-Okigbo
Ocean Farm Supply LLC, Willy Leathers
FarmDrop, Hannah Semler
Mumbai to Maine, LLC, Cherie Scott
The Good Crust, Heather Kerner
Rugged Seas, Nikki Strout
OpBox, Ben Davis
Maine Float (LLC), Lon Cameron
Hüga Heat, Jocelyn Olsen, Colin Greig


SEASON 7 College Edition

Ready Set Return, Valerie Nesom (UNE Portland – PhD program)
MammoWAVED, Kendra Batchelder (UMaine Presque Isle)
Real Time Reality Inc., Ty Delargy (UMaine)
Pair Technologies LLC, Muhammad Ussaid Mustajab and William Short (Colby)
Mallard Enterprises, Dan Peabody-Harrington (Roux-Northeastern)
Innovision, Pat Schena (UNE)
Wingspans, MacKenzie Abernethy and Lindsay Kuhn (Thomas)
HitList, Benson Yam (Colby)
Move Free, Patrock Caron (College of the Atlantic)
LiveBar, Colin Casamento and Jacob Belander (UNE)


SEASON 2 Elevating Voices

Micmac Farms, Cara O’Donnell
Mariama’s Beauty Supply, Mariama Jallow
WJZP, Dennis Ross
Vazquez Takeout, Susi Vazquez
Fireball Bookbindery, Evelyn Wong
Bondeko, Orson Horchler
Kifah Abdulla
Design Lab, Jack Newell Taylor
Father & John, Alper Yakici
Mandy Levine Consulting, Mandy Levine

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