EPISODE #7: CourseStorm vs. College Helpers

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The Presenters

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Brian Rahill
Co-Founder / CEO

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Fred Grant
Owner / Creator
College Helpers

About The Competitors

CourseStorm is an impossibly simple online registration and class marketing platform for informal education providers. CourseStorm’s robust software suite helps small to medium sized education providers grow enrollments for thousands of local classes at schools, libraries, hospitals, and museums in 43 states across the country. CourseStorm has registered over 200,000 students for classes and saved a mountain of time in the process.

CollegeHelpers.com connects current college students with employers looking to hire part-time and seasonal help. Jobs range from childcare to internships, one-time gigs to full-time summer employment.

The Panel

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Tom O'Donnell

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Becky Conrad
LA Metro Chamber of Commerce

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Mike Duguay
Executive Director
Harold Alfond Institute For Business