EPISODE #5: Forager vs. Maine Harvest Credit Project

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The Presenters

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David Stone
CEO / Founder
Forager, LLC

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Michael Yang
Operations Manager
Forager, LLC

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Scott Budde
Project Director
Maine Harvest Credit Project

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Sam May
Oversight Board Chairman
Maine Harvest Credit Project

About The Competitors

Forager’s mission is to accelerate the growth of the local food economy and make locally sourced food more widely available to all. Our groundbreaking digital procurement-to-payment platform is making it simpler, cheaper, and faster for grocers, co-ops, wholesalers, foodservice buyers, farmers, artisans, and producers to meet consumers’ growing demand for locally produced foods.

The Panel

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Brian Whitney
Maine Technology Institute

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Steve Levesque
Executive Director
Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Agency

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Deb Neuman
President / CEO
Bangor Chamber of Commerce