EPISODE #2: Flofold vs. Zootility

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The Presenters

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James Morin

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Nate Barr
Founder / CEO

About The Competitors

Flowfold builds minimalist gear for everyday adventures. Drawing on the legacy of Maine craftsmanship, Flowfold pairs carefully refined techniques with innovative materials and designs. The design philosophy stems from an incredible respect and admiration for the outdoors and Flowfold’s company values are focused on reducing their overall impact on the environment. Every item is made in the USA using some of the world’s strongest and lightest fabrics and all core products are backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Zootility is a maker shop. We design knives, multi-tools, and everyday gadgets. Everything from design to manufacturing to distribution is done at our custom workshop in Portland, Maine. Laser-cutters, laser-etchers, and a skilled team are going 12 hours a day to bring our products to life. We also provide the same production services to others with next day delivery.

The Panel

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Bob Montgomery-Rice
CEO / President
Bangor Savings Bank

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Tom Talbott
Talbott Marketing, Inc.

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David V. Jean
Albin, Randall & Bennett